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NHL Bettman rightfully happy with replay but there

3 months 1 day ago #619802 by seestyle
seestyle created the topic: NHL Bettman rightfully happy with replay but there
NEW YORK In the normally thrill-a-minute Stanley Cup playoffs, there have been several minutes this year with none, just tension, as everyone waits for video reviews to determine whethergoals should stand.Under the new system, coaches are allowed to challenge goals for offside and goalie interference rulings, adding a layer to an official review system already Pedro Martinez Jersey in place where the league could stop the game to see if a goal was scored in valid fashion.MORE: | Naturally, there have been complaints. In a meeting with the A sociated Pre s Sports Editors at NHL headquarters on Friday, commi sioner Gary Bettman brushed aside concerns to hail the system as accomplishing itsgoals.It starts with, which is more important, to be fast or to get it right? Bettman said. I know theres been some criticism about, Get rid of the whole system! It takes too long! The fact of the matter is, does it really matter if the skate is this much offside? Well, yeah, it matters. Frankly, if we dont get it right, and its an important or deciding factor in the game, were going to hear about it.Bettman is right about this. There are calls from decades ago that still draw the ire of hockey fans. Not all would be subject to review or challenge under the current system, but getting more calls correct is a reasonable objective. Sacrificing a little bit of time in the name of fair competition is a worthwhile thing.Its a close call sometimes, and sometimes its a hard call to make, Bettman said. Our guys are doing the Jackie Bradley Jr Jersey best that they can to get it right. Thats the most important thing. The more we do it, the faster it Alex Verdugo Jersey will get. We added cameras on the goal line for the playoffs. We added cameras in the cro sbar. Were constantly trying to move forward with the technology thats available to us. have proven helpful with offside decisions, which often come down to such tiny fractions of a second that they are imperceptible to human officials. When high-definition, slow-motion replays allow everyone else in the world to see whether a call was right or wrong, it would be silly for the league to just let incorrect calls stand.If anything, that is where the NHLs system remains insufficient. Because coaches have to risk their one timeout for the game in order to proffer a challenge, there is game theory involved in whether or not it is worth trying to get a call right. It is, in fact, always worth trying to get a call right.The current system also leads to rather absurd situations like in Game 4 of the Panthers-Islanders series, where Jonathan Huberdeau had a goal disallowed on the ice, an official review confirmed the call, then Florida challenged the call of interference to no avail a proce s that lasted nearly 10 minutes. It seemed ludicrous to have to review the play twice, but that was the case because of the system that is in place.Theres supposed to be a cost a sociated, deputy commi sioner Bill Daly said. If you make the Andrew Benintendi Jersey wrong decision, you lose a timeout. To pursue what youre suggesting, you take the challenge out of the equation. The initial review, the traditional review, is self-initiated, by the league. The second review is only initiated when the coaches initiate it.So, youve got to do one before you do the other, Bettman said. And that Roger Clemens Jersey doesnt happen very often. But the answer is were trying to get it right, and in the playoffs, you look at how close the games are the Chicago-St. Louis series, theyve played 96 percentof it tied or one goal apart we want to get it right.That is exactly the reason that video review should not be subject to coaches strategic plans. If the purpose of replay is to get calls right, and it is, then its worth making sure all of themcan be made right.As technology continues to improve, the system will get faster, and the concern can shift from time spent on reviews back to the task of remembering to breathe during playoff hockey games.

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2 months 3 weeks ago #619909 by dsdf33
dsdf33 replied the topic: NHL Bettman rightfully happy with replay but there
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